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Комунікативний підхід передбачає, що ЗА ОДИН КУРС НАВЧАННЯ слухач повинен опанувати ВСІ ВЖИВАНІ В УСНІЙ МОВІ ЧАСИ з навичками їх ПРАКТИЧНОГО ВИКОРИСТАННЯ

Онлайн кросворд Англійською мовою — City

Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
Онлайн кросворд на Англійській мові City Кросворд містить слова, необхідні для перебування в містах.
Сітка: 20х20
Слів: 36
Рівень: Середній
  1     2     3      4    5   6       
7    8     9      10          11     
       16   17              
   18                 19    
20    21                    
    22    23       24           
       26        27         
    29            30        
31             32           


1. what you do at a department store
3. Government official in charge of a city
5. a place where many business people work
7. the opposite of no
9. Cities have lots of these bright things at night
12. a place to see a show
13. What some people take to work
14. A place on the sidewalk where you can put your mail
15. _______ lights. Lights that tell cars when to go or stop
16. a place to view art
18. A place where people save their money
20. A short sleep
22. many sounds
25. a place to go for a walk
27. A road where people drive fast
28. A place to study after high school
29. a place to learn history
31. a place with many shops in one building
32. A home in the city
33. A traffic ___. A time when traffic almost stops because there are too many cars on the road
34. what you do on a bench
35. A very tall building


2. dirty air or dirty water
4. A time when many people are driving on the road to get to work
6. A place where people make things
8. an underground form of transportation
10. Many people take this to work instead of their own car
11. A lot of people gathered together
15. go left or right
17. A narrow street behind a building
19. a place to get something to eat
21. a place where people park their cars
23. go __ enter
24. A place to go when you are sick
26. A place where people walk next to the road
30. stealing or robbing
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