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Онлайн кросворд Англійською мовою — Clothes

Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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 10         11         
12       13            
 14            15     16   


1. A shirt for girls and women
3. A usually short and light coat
5. An outer piece of clothing (usually long) worn to keep you warm and dry
9. Loose rubber sandals
10. A kind of clothing that usually hangs from the waist down (worn by women)
12. A sleeveless undershirt
13. Clothing that people wearing in a bed
14. Shoes with rubber soles designed for sport
17. A piece of clothing worn to support the breasts
18. A piece of clothing in two parts worn by girls for swimming
19. A jacket and pants made of the same material
20. Shoes with a bottom part that is held in place with straps around the foot and the ankle


2. This accessory is worn on your shoulders
4. A piece of clothing that covers your body from the waist to the ankle and has separate part for each leg
5. A small soft hat often with a visor
6. It has short sleeves, no collars and is usually made of cotton
7. This accessory is worn by men around the neck when they wear a shirt
8. Covering for the hands that has separate parts for each finger
10. A warm usually knitted piece of clothing for the upper part of the body
11. Pants usually made of blue denim
13. A girl's underwear
15. A piece of clothing for girls or women that has a top part and a skirt hanging down the legs
16. A band of leather worn around the waist
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