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English Speaking Centre Step UP

Welcome to English Speaking Centre Step UP,
the best choice in schools for achieving your English language goals!

Founded in 2010, English Speaking Centre Step UP has established itself as one of the most respected English language courses in Lviv.

There are many reasons why you should choose our English courses. Among them are:

We break the stereotypes

WE HAVE CHANGED the Traditional approach into the Communicative approach in teaching English
WE HAVE REALIZED that only communication practices help to develop speaking skills and overcome the language barrier
WE HAVE PROVED that the absence of textbooks brings more communication into the classroom
OUR POSITIVE FEEDBACK brings more and more new students to our school

We save your money

One course at Step UP covers the material of 2-3 levels of the Traditional method
There is no need to buy any text books
You don’t have to pay for the course until you are sure that you like it
You always have a chance to save up with our discount system

All you should do is visit our FREE trial lesson, choose the most convenient schedule for you, get a group according to your level of English and you are ready to start your unforgettable language learning experience with us.

We promise you a great learning environment,
professional teachers, fun and interesting lessons

Thank you for your interest in English Speaking Centre Step UP.

English language courses Step UP English Speaking Centre Step UP
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