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English Learning for Teenagers

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Parents know that many teen-aged children are unmotivated. Teens don’t realize that they will need English later. They don’t want to study English at school or with a tutor. That is why children have to feel themselves comfortable at the lesson and lessons must be interesting. The simpler explanation is the better result is. This is the way to motivate children of such age.

Let children believe in themselves,
and they will be successful in life!

English Speaking Centre Step UP has developed a special program for teenagers. The program takes into consideration teens’ interests and needs. Grammar explanation is very simple. Conversational practices include topics which are interesting for teens.

This program helps children to order their grammar knowledge and expand their vocabulary. It involves working with different English tests and develops their communication skills.

Groups for teens are formed according to the level of their English and age.

Course lasts up to 4 months depending on the schedule of studying and usually helds during the academic year. Classes are held twice a week, at 16:00 or 16:30 and last 2 hours (120 minutes).

English Courses for Teens

For those who are beginning to learn English

Start Talking

Conversational English course for teens, who have never studied English before or whose language skills are minimal.

For those who are still learning English

Keep Talking

Conversational English course for teens, who have some grammar knowledge, can express their opinion in English with simple sentences, but their knowledge and skills still need improvement.

Preparation to External Independent Assessment

This is a complete cycle of lessons for school graduates who plan to pass the English Exams.