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Nice to know that your visit to our website has increased the number of people willing to learn and improve English.
English is an essential attribute of a successful person, so English language requirements are constantly growing.

People, who are looking for the effective English language school that provides the necessary knowledge and communication skills in English often ask questions: How some courses are better than others? What kinds of English schools are worth attention? The answers to these questions can be found at the page English learning (How to choose courses)

English Speaking Courses Step UP

Effectiveness of Step UP Method
Conversational English courses with grammar aspects
English trainings to improve conversation skills
Express-courses of conversational English
Other English trainings
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Effectiveness of Step UP Method

Communicative method develops speaking skills and teaches how to use obtained knowledge in conversation. You will start to speak and understand English language in a short term. You’ll get maximum of practical knowledge and conversational trainings thanks to speaking practices (60-100%). You‘ll feel the effect in a few lessons, even if you have never learned English before. You can also learn about the Communicative method from Wikipedia.

Feel the difference between "learning the language" and "using the language"!

In addition, it is possible to save up money and time thanks to communicative method of English Speaking Centre Step UP. Unlike traditional methods, the communicative approach has no levels. Be sure you will save up your money because one conversational English course in our Centre lasts 4 months and includes 2-3 levels of studying English by traditional methods.

Course Our course includes material of 2-3 levels
of studying English by traditional methods
  Grammar Oral Activities Vocabulary
Start Talking А1, А2, partly В1 А1, А2, partly В1 А1, А2
Keep Talking А1, А2, В1, partly В2 А1, А2, В1 А2, В1
Conversational Training & Grammar А2, В1, В2, partly С1 А2, В1, В2, partly С1 В1, В2, partly С1
Conversational Training & Business С1 В1, В2, С1 В1, В2, С1

Having a great experience and successfully applying it to their work, our teachers find an individual approach to everybody that is why our students feel confident and start to speak English in a few lessons. A lot of people recommend English Speaking Centre Step UP as the best conversational Center for those who are looking for the effective English language school.

We express our gratitude to our clients for their credits and for all their reviews.

To make right decision you can look through the reviews and comments of Step UP-graduates at the page Comments. You also can visit the free trial lesson to see the work of our teachers and the effectiveness of communicative method Step UP. After the trial lesson people come out impressed and most of them are ready to apply for the course.

Conversational English courses with grammar aspects

For those who are beginning to learn English

Start Talkingconversational English course, is made for those who have never studied English before, or whose language skills are minimal. In this course you will get enough knowledge and communication skills to be able to speak and understand English in everyday situations.

For those who are still learning English

Keep Talkingconversational English course is made for those who have studied the language, still remember some vocabulary and have chaotic grammar knowledge of English. During the training you organize your grammar knowledge and get enough oral activities to communicate in English on any casual topic.

English trainings to improve conversation skills

For everyday communication

Conversational Training & Grammar — a course for those who can communicate in English but want to improve their conversational skills to the level of near-fluent speech in everyday life. After this course your speech will become grammatically accurate.

For everyday and business communication

Conversational Training & Business English — a course for those whose aim is to improve language to the level of free communication not only in everyday life but also in business environment.

Express-courses of conversational English

For travelling

Express сourse 46 — for people, who are going to travel abroad soon and require knowledge of English to feel more comfortable in communication with foreigners.

For everyday communication

Express сourse 30 — for people, who know grammar, have minimum vocabulary, can speak but need conversational practice for free communication in any situation.

Other English trainings

Corporate Training
Preparation for TOEFL, IELTS
English for teens
Preparation for EIA (External Independent Assessment)

Apply for a course

If you want to be a part of our Centre, you will have to:

— determine your level of English. It is possible to do online or at the office
— visit the free trial lesson in a group
— choose your own training schedule
— select the way of payment and discount