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Keep Talking course

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conversational English course is made for people who have studied the language, remember some vocabulary, have chaotic knowledge and can build simple sentences in English.

The main goal of the course is to systematize knowledge of grammar, expand the vocabulary, completely overcome the language barrier and develop speaking skills.

astronomical hour
3 or 4 MONTHS
Hours per week Communication training
(% from the whole course)
34 lessons 120 minutes each 4 hours / 2 times per week Up to 80 %
50 lessons 120 minutes each 6 hours / 3 times per week Up to 70 %
34 lessons 120 minutes each 6 hours / 3 times per week Up to 80 %

Learning language according to Keep Talking program provides correct knowledge of English grammar, expands and activates the vocabulary and completely removes the language barrier. Simple grammar is reminded; complicated one is explained by the teacher in detail.

Conversational practices, role-plays, discussions and debates make up 80% of the course using specially modeled everyday situations.

At the end of the Keep Talking course you will be able to communicate in English on any everyday topic.

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