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Conversational Training & Grammar

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course is made for people who have basic knowledge of English grammar, enough vocabulary and speaking skills to communicate with foreigner but want to improve their English to the near-fluent level of speech.

The aim of the course is to increase vocabulary, improve knowledge of grammar and develop speaking skills to the level of fluent and correct communication.

astronomical hour
3 or 4 MONTHS
Hours per week Communication training
(% from the whole course)
34 lessons 120 minutes each 4 hours / 2 times per week Up to 100 % (lessons like English Speaking Club)
34 lessons 120 minutes each 6 hours / 3 times per week Up to 100 % (lessons like English Speaking Club)

Conversational Training & Grammar program includes idiomatic phrases, synonyms, using of complex grammatical structures in spoken language and improves conversational English to the level of fluent communication.

Conversational practice includes up to 100% of the course in the form of role-plays, discussions, debates and psychological trainings that will teach you to communicate in English in all situations and feel more comfortable when you are talking to native speakers.

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