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English learning

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Modern society requires a new attitude to life. This requires everyone to upgrade their professional knowledge and skills, which, in turn, includes improving of English language skills. To make the right decision when choosing the English school, you should consider the following:


Methods of English learning:
Traditional methods (with levels)
Communicative method (with no levels)
School’s reputation
Teaching staff
The way of learning English: group or individual lessons
Availability of registration documents and licenses

Methods of English learning

If you want to make a proper choice of method, you have to know the following:

What is the purpose of your learning?
What is your level of English?
How much time can you spend on your education?

You can find many courses with traditional methods (with levels) but the communicative method is becoming more popular.

Traditional methods (with levels)

This method is better for people who have plenty of time and want to study English step by step. There are 6 levels from Beginners to Advanced. It will take you about 2 years before you start to speak English. All grammar and lexical material is divided into parts. The traditional methods are focused on the ability to translate and are not focused on a lot of conversational practices. Speaking practices start only from the 3-rd level (Pre-Intermediate). So it will be difficult for you to speak English in a few months studying English in the traditional way.

Classification of levels according to the traditional methods:

  1. Beginners (A1)
    Learn basic vocabulary and structures for simple communication.
  2. Elementary (A2)
    Learn basic grammar and some common phrases.
  3. Pre-Intermediate (B1)
    Use English in a limited way in more difficult situations. After this level student will get basic communicative skills, will be able to communicate on some topics and to read adapted literature.
  4. Intermediate (B2)
    After this level students have good knowledge of grammar and know how to express their opinion on a wide range of issues.
  5. Upper-Intermediate (C1)
    Students are able to read original text and have detailed knowledge of grammar.
  6. Advanced(C2)
    This is the highest level of English knowledge that qualified teachers possess.

Communicative method (with no levels)

This method is better for people who are limited in time and want to communicate with native speakers without using a dictionary.

The period of studying contains material of 2-3 levels of the traditional method.

The communicative method includes communication from simple dialog and leads to fluent speaking.

The communicative method is less effective when someone is primary interested in reading original literature.

The teacher’s personality is an important aspect of learning English according to communicative method. Unfortunately, not everyone, even highly qualified and educated teachers, are able to work by the communicative method. Teachers need to be good psychologists. They have to be active leaders in a group and to create positive atmosphere which makes students feel confident.

Credibility of the language school

You may ask people, who have been learning English before. Their experience and personal recommendations are important when you are choosing a language school.

If you don’t have any recommendations and others opinions, you may ask the language school’s administration to visit a trial lesson. Highly qualified and professional schools will give you such opportunity for sure.

The difference between the probe and the open classes

Trial lesson is a lesson in a group that has been studying for some time.

Open lesson is the other one which is prepared especially for you.

Thanks to a trial lesson you can see the real situation. However, this is not the case with the open lesson.

It will be better for you to have a look at the reviews and comments on the websites or forums.

Teaching staff

One of the most important indicators of effectiveness is the teacher’s competence.

All teachers who are working at the courses must possess:

  1. Higher education completed at an English faculty.
    Many less qualified students work as English teachers. It is often done at the courses where prices are low and the results are also limited.

  2. Skills.
    Sometimes there are highly qualified and educated teachers who have extensive teaching experience in universities. On the one hand, their knowledge of English is very high. But on the other hand, it can be difficult for them to explain material in a simple way.

  3. Work experience by the method of the language school.
    Language schools must choose their teachers carefully and help them to improve their teaching skills. These new teachers should be familiar with teaching methods in this school. This will allow new teachers not only to show their professional skills, but also to adapt them to the working methods of the courses.

Great advantage of courses is the presence of native speakers. It is clear that communicating with native English speakers is very useful for the development of language skills.

Unfortunately, many English courses propose native speakers but they are people who just speak English as the second language. But if you do not know English, the first thing you will need is to get some knowledge and to develop speaking skills. In this way native speakers can’t explain a lot of grammar material and Ukrainian teachers can explain it better.


Researching tuition fees, pay attention to:

the number of hours included in the price
duration of one class
cost of one astronomical hour of training (60 minutes)
duration of the full course
number of people in a group

If English school supplies duration in academic hours, you should clarify how long academic hour lasts (usually 40 or 45 minutes). Only in this case you can find out the real price and compare tuition fees.

It is important to know how many people are enrolled in one group: the more people are in a group, the cheaper is. But keep in mind that attention in a large group you will get less.

Find out also if materials, on which learning is based, are included in the price. If materials must be paid additionally, it increases the price of the course.

However, keep in mind that the language course cost depends primarily on their effectiveness. You should spend your own money only for the English language course that gives you practical knowledge.

The way of learning English: group or individual lessons

— If your goal is to learn how to speak in English, it is better to study in groups of 4 to 8 people.

— If you need to pass an interview or different types of tests (such as SET, TOEFL, IELTS), it is better to choose individual lessons or small groups up to 3 persons.

Availability of registration documents and licenses

Language schools are required to have registration documents of the company.

Holding a license is required only for those language courses and schools which give their students a Certificate of National or International Standard.

Most of them are related to National State courses or language schools where students can take tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.